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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: J

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JABOT:  Long narrow pin with decorations at both ends



JADE:  A generic term for the green stones NEPHRITE and JADEITE


JADEITE:  One of minerals commonly called JADE

JAPANNING:  Process which blackens metal



 JASPERWARE:  High fired porcelain created by the Wedgwood Company


JELLY BELLY:   Jewelry with clear LUCITE stone at the center; click here to read my Jelly Belly Blog


JET:  Fossilized coal used primarily during the Victorian era


JEWELRY CASKET:  Ornate jewelry box often with locking mechanism; usually made of metal, often silver or gold


JUMP RING:  Circular piece of metal with an opening used to hang charms or a pendant from a chain


The Jewelry Glossary is a work in progress: As I add more posts, you can access them here:

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