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WEC: Thoughts about Jewelry — Yellow Jewelry

Color in Costume Jewelry: Yellow

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Color in Costume Jewelry: Yellow

Yellow is the color of sunshine, but according to Wikipedia's article on yellow it is also the color people most often associate with amusement, optimism, gentleness, and spontaneity, but also with duplicity, envy, jealousy, avarice, and, in the U.S., with cowardice. It plays an important role in Asian culture particularly in China, where it is seen as the color of happiness, glory, wisdom, harmony and culture. I think it's a happy color and it lends itself nicely to costume jewelry as seen in the following examples.  Detail from Bracelet by David Andersen, Norway Trifari Necklace and Earrings Set Dimensional Flower Pin; the Petals...

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