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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: R

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REPOUSSE:  Decorative element in which the design is hammered into the reverse of the metal


RETRO:  A general term usually meaning 30-50 years old

RHINESTONE:  Reflective glass cut and faceted to resemble precious and semi-precious gemstones


RHODIUM:  White precious metal used sometimes as a jewelry coating; gives the appearance of platinum

ROCK CRYSTAL: Transparent quartz; often seen as faceted in jewelry


ROLLED GOLD:  Process of laminating gold onto a lesser metal; similar to gold filled

ROSE CUT:  Gemstone cut with a flat circular base and facets in two ranges rising up to a point 

ROSE GOLD: Sometimes called Pink Gold or Russian Gold; it is gold with a reddish cast achieved by adding a bit of copper


The Jewelry Glossary is a work in progress: As I add more posts, you can access them here:

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