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WEC: Thoughts about Jewelry — Rune Tennesmed

Rune Tennesmed Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Rune Tennesmed Jewelry

Rune Tennesmed was a 20th century Swedish design who worked primarily in pewter. In fact the name Tennesmed translates to pewtersmith. His birth name of Rune Carlsson was changed to reflect his profession and became the name of his company. Tennesmed's mid-century work is my favorite and pieces can be found on the secondary market. They are not as flashy as rhinestone pieces, so they are often in the back of the display case, but they are out there to be found. Rune Tennesmed, the company, is still producing jewelry and giftware and is run by the third generation.  MENAGERIE GARDEN GEOMETRY...

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