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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: S

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S-CLASP: S-shaped hook that fits into a ring


SASH PIN:  Large pin usually worn to hold a fabric sash in place at the waist. Click here to see my blog on Sash Pins


SAUTOIR:  Long necklace which hangs below the waist

SCARAB:  Beetle motif commonly seen in Egyptian Revival jewelry


SCATTER PINS:  Small pins designed to be worn in a group or cluster


SEED PEARLS:  Round pearls measuring less than 2 mm in diameter


SEVIGNE:  Bow motif


SHOULDER DUSTERS: Earrings long enough to graze the shoulder


SIAM or SIAMESE JEWELRY:  Jewelry from Siam (now Thailand) which features images of mythological and / or literary characters from the Sanskrit tradition


SIGNET RING:  A ring with letters or initials carved into the flat top surface

SILVER:  Precious metal commonly used in jewelry; grades of silver:
1000 = 100% silver
980 = 98% silver
935 = 93 1/2% silver
925 = 92 1/2% silver; also called STERLING SILVER or SS
Other grades include 900, 950, 835, and 800
CONTINENTAL SILVER is usually European and varies from 800 to 835

SIMICHROME:  Trademark name for a product used to test BAKELITE and polish metals

SISTER CLASP: Double hooked clasp in which both halves have to be worked simultaneously to open or close

SLIDE:  Type of pendant or charm with open elements through which a chain is fed


SLIDE BRACELET:  Bracelet composed of a collection of SLIDES


SPRING RING CLASP:  Lever operated spring opens to release and snaps shut to close


STAINLESS STEEL:  Hard, blue/gray metal alloy which is sometimes used in making jewelry

STANHOPE:  Optical device which magnifies photos inside some jewelry and other objects

Stanhope Photographic Images Courtesy of A Genuine Find

STAUROLITE:  Crystal formed in hexagonal patterns, often found twinned or symmetrical in nature; also called FAIRY CROSS


STERLING SILVER:  Silver metal commonly used in jewelry making; see SILVER


STONES:  Generic term usually meaning rhinestones rather than gemstones


STUDS:  Small earrings worn on and through earlobes


SWEATER CLIPS or SWEATER GUARD:  Pair of clipped pins connected by a short chain


SWEETHEART JEWELRY:  Jewelry given to wives, mothers, and girlfriends by military personal; commonly seen during the years of WWI and WWII


The Jewelry Glossary is a work in progress: As I add more posts, you can access them here:

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