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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: F

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FAUX: French word translates to fake or imitation

FAUX PEARLS:  Imitation pearls


FEDE:  Design motif of clasped hands

FESTOON:  Draping design


FIBULA:  Clasp which closes like a safety pin

FIGA:  Design with thumb between second and middle finger of a clenched fist


FILIGREE:  Metal twisted into ornate, often lacy patterns; see CANNETILLE


FINDINGS:  The hardware used to assemble jewelry such as bails, jump rings, and clasps

FINIFT:  Russian enamel work usually with solid background and colorful images

FLEUR-DE-LIS:  Stylized lily flower with three petals joined near the base


FLUX:  Material used when soldering

FOB:  A short chain or ribbon that attaches to a pocket watch; it frequently has a decorative medallion or charm attached at one end which is also called a fob


FOIL:  A thin sheet of bright metal behind glass or crystal   

FOLD-OVER CLASP:  Hinged finding which folds and locks shut

FOOL'S GOLD:  A common term for PYRITE, a shiny yellowish mineral

FRENCH CLIP:  A spring clip that utilizes tension to hold an earring in place against the back of ear.


FRENCH IVORY:  Also called IVORINE; a type of celluloid developed in France to imitate ivory

FRENCH JET:  A type of black glass used to imitate JET in mourning jewelry

FRESHWATER PEARLS:  Pearls produced inside mussels


FRIT:  A gritty, glass material used as a design feature in some jewelry; see CORALENE

FRUIT SALAD:  Costume jewelry made first in the 1920s with colorful stones;  also called TUTTI FRUTTI starting in the early 1970s


FUR CLIP:  Brooch with a spring clip and metal teeth or prongs; used to hold a fur stole together




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