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WEC: Thoughts about Jewelry — Jelly Belly Jewelry

Jelly Belly Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Jelly Belly Jewelry

One of the most recognizable and collectible examples of costume jewelry is the Jelly Belly. It is also a category that is misunderstood. A "jelly belly" search on eBay, for example, will bring up 1,500+ results of which only a handful are truly Jelly Belly jewelry. So what is a Jelly Belly? Essentially it is a piece of sterling silver or metal costume jewelry with a clear Lucite stone. Jelly Bellies are usually animals, but objects and flowers can all be accurately termed Jelly Bellies, if they have the clear Lucite cab. Originally called Lucite Jewels, Jelly Bellies were first...

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