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How is condition determined?
As we all see things a bit differently and we all have different standards, I try to give my pieces a condition range based on appearance and materials. Examples: Very Good to Excellent, Average to Good

What is your return policy?
I offer a liberal return policy because I know how hard it is to buy jewelry without touching it and trying it on. I do insist that returned items be in the same condition as they were received. Buyer is responsible for return postage and shipping costs.

Do you combine shipping?

Shipping is always free in the U.S.

International shipping rates are fixed and if after combining items, the actual postage exceeds the posted dollar amount, I will pay the overage.

    When can I expect my order to arrive?
    I can ship every day the U.S. Post Office is open. And, my goal is to ship within one day of purchase. But that doesn't mean your package will arrive quickly. Delays because of bad routing or customs holds are beyond my control.

    Are there any hidden costs such as restocking fees, taxes or handling charges?

    • No restocking fees
    • No handling charges
    • Kentucky residents pay 6% sales tax collected at the time of sale
    • International buyers should be clear about the rules and regulations pertaining to VAT taxes and import duties in their country. Shipping charges do not include those fees. Customs forms will show the actual sale price. Please don't ask to have customs forms altered.

    Can I make an offer?
    Yes, of course. However, there is no blanket rule about how much to offer or whether I'll accept the offer. There are a number of determining factors including, how long I've had the item, how much I paid to acquire it, and it's desirability in the collector's market.

    Do you ever have sales?
    I try to run a few sales every year. It depends on how much inventory I have. Sometimes I buy large lots of 100 or more pieces. When I do, I often run a sale to make room for the new pieces. Also, I try to offer a post-holiday sale at the end of the year.

    What's the best way to find what I'm looking for?
    There are several ways to search

    • Search box
    • Drop down menu on main menu bar
    • Clicking category boxes featured on the home page
    • Click theme boxes featured on the home page
    • Send an email with your request

    Can I make a comment on your blog posts?
    Yes, but they are subject to my approval. Language or subject matter posted is at my sole discretion.

    I have some items I'd like show you; do you buy inventory from customers?
    I am always looking for new sources. If you have something to show me, feel free to contact me. Use the "contact me" option on the footer of the home page. I won't make any promises, but if I like it, I'll ask your price.