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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: C

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CABACHON:  A rounded or domed stone without facets


CAMEO:  Relief carving in coral, shell, lava, onyx, ivory, or synthetic materials


CANNETILLE: A type of metal work similar to filigree. It typically features fine gold wires or thinly hammered sheets. Motifs include scrolls, coils, tendrils, beehives and rosettes. Cannetillle is often dimensional; filigree is usually flat. See FILIGREE


CARAT:  Standard weight measurement of gemstones; one carat equals 0.2 grams. One hundredth of a gram is called a point.

CARNELIAN:  A variety of chalcedony in tones of burnt orange to deep red. Dyed agate is often mistaken for carnelian.


CARTOUCHE:  Shield in jewelry often holding initials or a monogram; seen also in hallmarks

CAT'S EYE: Term used to describe the optical property of a stone which appears to have a shimmering slit in it. The technical term is CHATOYANCY. 

CELLULOID:  A man-made plastic


CHAIN MAIL:  Fabric created by joining together small metal rings; sometimes spelled as one word: Chainmail


CHALCEDONY:  A variety of quartz which includes onyx, agate, and jasper


CHAMPLEVE:  Type of enamel in which the design is first outlined on a metal surface by cutting lines in the surface and then the grooves are filled with enamel, fired, and polished

CHANNEL SETTING:  Series of stones positioned closely together in a single, straight line inside a metal channel

CHARM:  Small bauble attached so that it dangles from a chain; smaller than a pendant


CHASING:  Type of metal decoration wherein the metal is manipulated using a hammer and punch

CHATELAINE:  Decorative pin with dangling chain(s) to hold commonly needed household objects and accessories


CHOKER NECKLACE:  Close-fitting, non-dangling necklace, worn snugly at the neck

CIGAR BAND: Wide band ring


CITRINE: A form of quartz in tones of greenish-yellow; heat-treated stones can appear orange or reddish-brown


CLADDAGH:   A design of two hands clasping a heart topped by a crown; dates back more than 300 years and is used to symbolize faith, trust, and loyalty


CLASP:  Jewelry closure

CLAW SETTING:  A method of holding gemstones in place with prongs;also called PRONG SETTING


CLOISONNE:  Method of enamel in which the design is outlined with wire; color is placed within each section and then the piece is fired and polished


COCKTAIL RING: A large, over-sized ring often set with gemstones. 


COIN SILVER:  A mixture of silver and alloys; refers to both silver in currency and the silver which has been melted down and refashioned into jewelry

COLLAR NECKLACE:  Resembling a shirt collar; sometimes used as a synonym for CHOKER


CONNEMARA MARBLE: A greenish-white marble found in Ireland  


COPPER:  A reddish metal


CORAL:  Natural material from the sea; color range froms pink to red to black


CORALENE:  Surface design of applied frit, a gritty material; sometimes called SUGAR


CURB LINK:  Twisted oval link


CUT STEEL:  Steel jewelry resembling rivets


The Jewelry Glossary is a work in progress: As I add more posts, you can access them here:

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