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The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Costume Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

The Itsy Bitsy Spider and Costume Jewelry

Spiders, as you probably recall from high school biology, have 8 legs and are in a class of animals called arachnids. Scorpions and ticks are also in that class but insects are not. Insects are a 6-legged class of invertebrates.  Heidi Daus Cuff Bracelet Betsey Johnson Cuff Bracelet As kids, we loved spiders. We learned to recite Itsy Bitsy Spider and Little Miss Muffet. And as we got a bit older, we read Charlotte's Web. So when was it we started thinking of spiders as creepy and dangerous? Of the over 40,000 species in the world, only a handful of species are harmful to humans....

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