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WEC: Thoughts about Jewelry — Kobe Charms

Kobe Charms

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Kobe Charms

Kobe, the sixth largest city in Japan, is world-famous for its exported delicacy, Wagyu beef. But there's another product that hails from Kobe - Kobe Charms. They are little treasures made of celluloid with pop-out eyes. These delightful charms were made in the late 1920s through the 1930s. They come in hundreds of shapes and colors with many of the most popular based on traditional Japanese designs, including temples, lanterns and Daruma (a figure without arms or legs). Equally popular are the western motifs such as totem poles, Mickey Mouse (go figure!), animals, and ghosts. The common element is the pop-out...

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