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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: T

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TAILLE D'EPARGNE:  Type of enamelwork in which the lines are incised into the metal and then filled with enamel; also called Black Enamel Tracery


TALISMAN:  A charm, pendant, or trinket thought to bring luck and / or protection to the wearer from evil


TARNISH:  Loss of luster due to exposure to air or moisture

TAXCO:  Silversmithing center of Mexico


TENNIS BRACELET:   A bracelet containing many small gems linked together in a narrow chain


TOGGLE CLASP: Closure with bar fitting into an open receiving piece


TORSADE:  Multi-strand necklace with strands wrapping around each other


TREMBLER:  Jewelry with moving parts usually accomplished with small springs; see EN TREMBLANT


TURQUOISE:  Semi-precious stone; the more iron in the mineral composition, the greener the resulting stone


The Jewelry Glossary is a work in progress: As I add more posts, you can access them here:

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