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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: B

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BAGUETTE: A rectangular, elongated, faceted gemstone or rhinestone


BAKELITE: A plastic made from formaldehyde and phenol


BALE or BAIL: The finding used to attach a pendant to a necklace or a charm to a bracelet


BAND: A ring, usually with uniform thickness; with or without gemstones


BANGLE: Rigid bracelet; round or oval


BAR PIN: Elongated, narrow pin worn horizontally usually at the neck



BAROQUE PEARLS: Irregularly shaped pearls


BAS RELIEF: Design with slight projection from the surface


BASE METAL: Non-precious metal such as zinc, lead, copper, or a combination of them. See POT METAL

BASSE-TAILLE: Enameling technique in which the underlying metal is in low relief

BEZEL SETTING: A setting wherein the stone is held in place by a band of metal around the outside of the stone. Also called a GYPSY SETTING.


BIB NECKLACE:  A necklace with a broad front section covering part of the chest


BILLIKEN:  An elf-like figure popularized in the 1930s and seen in design from both Alaska and Japan


BLACKAMOOR:  European designed stylized figures of African men and woman. Now considered culturally insensitive


BLISTER PEARL:  Pearls cut from the mollusk resulting in dome shapes with flat backs


BOG OAK:  Dark brown, natural peat material, a substitute sometimes used in Victorian mourning jewelry

BOHEMIAN GARNET:  Deep red stones, cut to resemble rubies


BONE:  Actual animal bone, usually duller than ivory and grained with lines or dots traveling in a single direction. Bone yellows with age.

BOOKCHAIN:  A metal chain with square or rectanular links of folded metal. The links are often engraved or embossed.


BRIDGE JEWELRY:  Contemporary term used to fill the gap between fine jewelry and costume jewelry. Jewelry made of silver or gold fill and / or with semi-precious stones fits into this category.

BROOCH:  Used as a synonym of pin; it's really larger and heavier than a pin

The Jewelry Glossary is a work in progress: As I add more posts, you can access them here:

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