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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: G

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GALALITH:  Trademark name for a synthetic material designed to be a substitute for horn; sometimes called Milk Plastic  


GARNET: A group of mineral gemstones in a variety of colors; most commonly seen in red or green


GEMSTONE:  General term which includes mineral crystals such as emerald, opal, and sapphire; and, organic stones such as opal, pearl, and amber; formed naturally and manufactured using a combination of chemicals, heat, and / or pressure

GERMAN SILVER:  A substitute for silver; also called NICKEL SILVER; there is no silver in German silver


GILT:  Process of applying color, usually gold, to a base metal

GIRANDOLE:  Style of jewelry with three drops hanging from a larger piece


GOBBO:  Good luck design icon in the shape of a hunchback


GOLD:  Precious metal measured in KARATS; a soft metal to which other metals are often added to harden it. Gold's purity levels are indicated as follows:
24k - pure gold (also called 1000)
18k - 75% gold (also called 750)
15k - 62.5% gold (also called 625)
14k - 58.3%% gold (also called 583)
12k - 50% gold (also called 500)
10k - 41.7% gold (also called 417)
9k - 37.5% gold (also called 375)




GOLD FILLED:  Thin layer of gold applied to base metal; can be called Gold Filled if the amount of gold equals one-twentieth of the total weight of the piece



GOLDSTONE:  A type of AVENTURINE stone with gold tone sparkles throughout


GRANULATION:  A method of decorating metal by applying scrolls, spheres, and other designs onto the surface


GREEK KEY:  A repetitive, interlocking pattern of squares or rectangles

GUARD CHAIN: Short chain near the clasp which acts as a safety in the event the clasp opens; also called SAFETY CHAIN


GUILLOCHE:  Translucent enamel applied over an engraved metal surface


GUN METAL:  A grey metal alloy of bronze and zinc

GUTTA PERCHA:  A natural latex substance used in jewelry making in the early 1900's

GYPSY SETTING:  A setting wherein the stone is held in place by a band of metal around the outside of the stone. Also called a BEZEL SETTING


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