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Jewelry Glossary with Photos: D

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DAMASCENE:  The art of inlaying metals together creating intricate patterns and designs


DELFT:  Classic blue and white earthenware usually framed in silver when made into jewelry


DEMI-HOOP:  A half or partial circle making the hoop incomplete; sometimes called a HALF-HOOP


DENIM LAPIS:  A low grade of Lapis Lazuli


DEPOSE:  French term translating to Patent or Registration

DICHROIC GLASS:  An optical effect when colored glass changes in different lights and angles


DOOR-KNOCKER: Earrings with hinged bottoms that hang below the ear lobe


DRESS CLIP:  A brooch that uses a hinged clip which fastens to a garment



The Jewelry Glossary is a work in progress: As I add more posts, you can access them here:

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