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WEC: Thoughts about Jewelry — Hands

I Want To Hold Your Hand

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

I Want To Hold Your Hand

A human hand contains 29 bones, 34 muscles, 123 ligaments, 30 arteries and 43 nerves. Taking all those numbers into account, it's no wonder hands have fascinated artists over the centuries. The variations are endless. Everyone has seen Abrecht Durer's "The Praying Hands." It's a pen and ink drawing executed in 1508. Below is a El Mano (The Hand) by Mario Irarrazabal. It was installed in 1982 in Uruguay The Hamsa, also called The Hand of Fatima is a centuries old design motif from the Middle East. The design and meaning of the Hamsa varies a bit from country to country but essentially...

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