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Sash Pins

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

In the late 1880s a fashionable woman, taking her cue from Queen Victoria, wore cloth ribbons or sashes across their bodies from one shoulder to the opposite hip. Decorative pieces called sash pins were then fastened at the waist to hold the sash in place.

Two clues to help identify sash pins; they are fairly large in size and the pin stem is usually substantial as there were many layers of fabric to pierce. It is not uncommon to find beautiful pieces with bent pin stems.

Often sash pins mimicked belt buckles.

Animal motifs were commonly included in the design.


  This unusual sash pin shows a Billiken, a popular good luck symbol  designed by American illustrator Florence Pretz.                                                                                                             

Today these lovely antique pieces can be worn on sweaters or jackets. Image one of these adorning your winter coat. 





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  • Thanks. Great article. I love the dragonfly dash pin. I’ve collected for some time. Just love them.

    Mary on
  • Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

    Becca on

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