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Peacocks in Costume Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Peacocks are a popular jewelry motif. And it's no wonder; their big, showy feathers are an obvious inspiration for designers. So, let's talk peacocks. We should start with the basics; peacocks are the males. The collective term for the birds are peafowl, females are peahens and infants are peachicks. A family of peafowl is a bevy, a party or a pride.


Boucher Pin

PEACOCK TRIVIA: Peacocks are members of the pheasant family of birds.

Unsigned Pin

Piels Freres Buckle

Antique Locket

Vintage Sash Pin

PEACOCK TRIVIA: Peacocks don't have showy tails at birth. Growth starts at about 3 years of age.

Swoboda Pin

Piel Freres Buckle

Unsigned Pin

PEACOCK TRIVIA: The peacock's elaborate feathers are called a train. They can grow to five or six feet long and are shed annually after mating season.

Nolan Miller Pin

900 Silver European Brooch

Gustav Gaudernack Brooch

PEACOCK TRIVIA: Microscopic crystal-like substances on a peacock's feathers produce an iridescence when hit by light. 

Nuvo Silver Charm

Silver Ring

PEACOCK TRIVIA: The life span of a peacock is about 20 years.

Silver Pin from Mexico

Silver Pin

Silver and Enamel Pin from Portugal

PEACOCK TRIVIA: Peacocks can fly but only short distances. They will fly from predators such as tigers and mongooses (mongeese?) and into trees for safety during the night.

Czech Pin

Unsigned Pin

Trifari Pin

PEACOCK TRIVIA: White peacocks are not albinos, but are genetic mutations. Their eyes are normally colored. An albino peacock, which is rare, will have red eyes.

Unsigned Pin

George Hunt Silver Pendant

Bangle with Peacock Feather Design

PEACOCK TRIVIA: In Hindu culture, Lord Karthikeya, the god of war, rides a peacock.

Alice Caviness Pin

Plique a Jour Slider Locket

Art Deco Silver and Enamel Bracelet

PEACOCK TRIVIA: A peahen lays 3-5 eggs which gestate for about 28 days.

Unsigned Pin

PEACOCK TRIVIA: Roasted peacock was a medieval delicacy.

Pin by Art


Sometimes you just need a touch of peacock. That's when peacock's eye cabs are the perfect accessory. These stones are usually green with a blue center. The effect is achieved by placing foil behind molten glass. All of the following examples are unsigned.


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  • Lovely article! Such a piece of beautiful jewellery. I really like this. Thanks for sharing and please keep sharing.

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  • One of my favourite birds. Some beautiful pieces here, I particularly love the Piel Freres Buckle. Thanks for posting!

    Amanda Gosse on

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