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The Faces of Jewelry: Part 1

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Portrait miniatures were popular from the 16th century through the 19th century among the elite of Europe. The development of photography in the 19th saw the decline of these treasures in favor of daguerreotypes and photographs.

Early portrait miniatures were done with watercolor on both vellum and ivory and later enamel over a base metal. Porcelain and mother-of-pearl were also used to create these miniatures.

Faces and portraits on jewelry are abundant. I have tons of examples, so, I am dividing my blog into two parts. Part 1 will cover examples of fine jewelry as well as hand-painted portrait miniatures on ivory, porcelain, vellum, and mother-of-pearl. Part 2 will focus on costume pieces including realistic portraits in metal, caricatures, and famous people.

Portraits in gold relief are another collectible and examples of these are interspersed with the portrait miniatures. Enjoy the show!

Silver Portrait Pin

Portrait Necklace

10k Gold Antique Pendant

Persian Silver Penant on Mother-of-Pearl

Portrait on Porcelain

Portrait Hand-Painted on Ivory, From the Collection of Colleen Abbott

Enamel Portrait

Watercolor on Paper Portrait (My Favorite!)

Portrait on Ivory

Portrait on Ivory

Collection of Portrait Miniatures

Portrait on Ivory

Byzantine Portrait, Gold, Diamonds and Pearls

Art Nouveau Pin with Diamonds and Pearl

Collection of Art Nouveau Byzantine Style Gold Portrait Pieces

Art Nouveau Gold Watch Pin

Art Nouveau Gold Watch Pin

Collection of Art Nouveau Lockets with Portraits

Art Nouveau Pendant

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau Watch Pin, Gold and Diamond

Ivory and Silver Pin

Art Nouveau Pin and Locket

Art Nouveau Gold Pendant

Art Nouveau Gold Locket with Diamond

Art Nouveau Set in Sterling Silver with Limoges Portraits

Limoges 18k Gold and Diamonds Ring

Porcelain Portrait with Gold Frame

Art Nouveau Pin

Gold Portrait Pendant

Austro-Hungarian Pendant

Elgin Niello Watch Case

Silver Slide Locket

Silver and Enamel Locket from Germany

Silver Pin

Silver Locket

German 800 Silver Pin

Silver Pins by Gorham

Ivory Portrait

Kalo Portrait on Ivory

Limoges and 10k Gold Pendant

Limoges Portrait Pin

Meyle and Mayer Hearts

Meyle and Mayer Silver Pin

Meyle and Mayer Silver Pendant

Meyle and Mayer Silver Pendant

Meyle and Mayer Silver Brooch

Meyle and Mayer Locket

Silver Heart Locket

Limoges Joan of Arc Pin

Paul Bernard King Lovers Locket - the object of his desire gazes upon her reflection as he gazes at her. From the Collection of Catherine L. Thompson

Portrait Pendant

Porcelain Portrait Pin

Kerr Gold Watch Pin

Schiebler Pin, Gold and Silver

Portrait on Ivory

Part 2 of this blog is coming soon. It will focus on costume pieces including realistic portraits in metal, caricatures and famous people. To see all my blog posts, just click here.

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  • Love this article! So many exquisite pieces.

    Amanda Gosse on

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