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Color in Costume Jewelry: Red

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Continuing my series Color in Costume Jewelry, today's photos will show red jewelry. It's the color of sacrifice, danger and courage. Also associated with passion, love and sexuality.  Hope you enjoy the jewelry.


Pin by Meka, Denmark

Bakelite Bracelet

Unsigned Pin

Pin and Earrings by Miriam Haskell

Necklace, Bracelet, Pin and Earrings by Lisner

Pin from Original by Robert

Unsigned Necklace

Stanley Hagler Pin

Unsigned Pin

Silver Earrings

Pin by Trifari

Eloxal (aluminum) Bracelet

Unsigned Necklace

Bracelet by Selro

Bracelet by Regency

Pin by Hollycraft

Pin by Wiesner

Unsigned Bracelet

Cuff Links by Hickok

Artisan Pin

Unsigned Bracelet and Necklace

Pin by Trifari

Unsigned Bracelet

Pin by Aksel Holmsen

Unsigned Pin

Pin by Bailey Banks & Biddle

Unsigned Pin

Unsigned Pin

 I hope you enjoyed the photos. To see what's available in red in my shop, click here.

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