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Stick Pins

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Stick Pins are a category of jewelry that can be overlooked when you're out shopping for vintage pieces. They are small, the head or top is rarely larger than an average earring, and they are often stuffed into the back corners of the display cases. But they are worth seeking out. For their beauty and their collectibility.

Stick pins were particularly popular from about 1880 to 1920. They were worn by both men and women. Usually on a jacket lapel but also on a necktie to hold in in place.

A stick pin is by definition under four inches long but most I've encountered are between 2" and 2 1/2" long. Anything longer than 4" is considered a hat pin even though most hat pins are is 6 -12" long.

The photos below were selected to show a variety of designs and materials.

Coral Hand Holding a Gold Masonic Trowel

Gold, Sapphire and Diamonds

1st: Dragon's Breath or Fire Opal
2nd: Gold Talon Holding a Coral Ball

Variety of Stick Pins

1st: Glass Cab
2nd: Bohemian Garnets

Detailed Gold and Enamel Stick Pin

Variety of Gemstone Stick Pins

Enamel Stick Pin with Diamond

British Touch Wood (Touch Wud) Stick Pin

Ivory Stick Pins

Sterling Silver Art Nouveau

1st: Light Bulb, probably an advertising piece
2nd: Foiled Glass

Shamrock Stick Pin

Variety of Mounted Stones

1st: Cast Metal Shoes
2nd: Metal Shamrock

Collection of three, the first has some damage to the enamel

1st: Carved Glass Scarab
2nd: Pheasant Intaglio under Glass

Scarab Stick Pins

Variety of Stick Pins

Two Unsigned Butterflies

Gold Stick Pin

Gold and Gemstone Stick Pins

Miriam Haskell Stick Pin with Decorative Guard

Three Gemstone Stick Pins

1st: Silver and Turquoise
2nd: Silver by Paul Miller from Arts & Crafts Period

Collection of Cameos

Harp Wire Construction by Monet

Carved Coral

1st: Silhouette Stick Pin from Norway
2nd: Silver by Meka, Denmark

Two Lions and a Devil

From Czechoslovakia

1st: Unsigned
2nd: Silver from Mexico

Figural Stick Pins, 3 Dragons, 2 Bugs and a Bird

Stick Pins with Small Pearls

Carved Horn with Glass Eyes

1st: Carved Ivory
2nd: Silver

Variety of Materials including Camphor Glass and Mabe Pearl

1st: Hollycraft Stick Pin
2nd: JMF Christmas Stick Pin

Equestrian Stick Pins


Snake with Pearl and Diamond

Seed Pearls in a Cluster of Grapes Stick Pin

Insect Stick

1st: Monogram of King Haakon VI of Norway, by Aksel Holmsen
2nd: Peacock's Eye Glass

Variety of Semi-Precious Stones including Bloodstone and Banded Agate

Gold Stick

1st: Good Luck Gold Filled and Enamel Stick Pin
2nd: Moonstone and Silver

Gold Filled with Seed Pearls

1st: Enamel Gold Love Token Coin
2nd: Italian Pietra Dura

Turquoise and Pearl Stick Pin

1st: Gold with Pearls and Diamond
2nd: Gold Filled Snake

Gold Stick Pins

Blister Pearl Stick

Gold and Diamonds Face Stick

Kalo Silver Stick Pin

1st: Ram's Head, possible representing Aries
2nd: QT Kid

Variety of Stick Pins

Dragon Stick Pin

Two Insect Sticks

Silver Kewpie

Two Gold Stick Pins by Krementz

Silver Repousse Lion's Head 

Pearl and Moonstone Stick Pins

1st: Gold Glove or Gauntlet
2nd: Zuni Silver and Turquoise

Carved Horn with Glass Eyes



By Goldette

A special thank you to Laurie Doyle for lending pieces from her collection for this post. If you are looking for stick pins, be sure to check my shop to see what's currently available.


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