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There's More Than Just Fish in the Sea

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Fish and sea creatures are a very popular motif in costume jewelry. I have so many fish pins that I'll devote an entire post to them at another time. This post is about the other creatures in the ocean.  


  • Whales swim about 30 miles per hour
  • The primary predators of whales are human

Unsigned Pin

Unsigned Pin

Les Bernard Pin

Kenneth Jay Lane Pin

Swoboda Pin


  • To prevent drowning while sleeping only half of the dolphin’s brain goes to sleep while the other half remains awake so they can continue to breathe. This is also true of whales
  • A calf is born close to the water's surface so the mother can take it up for air immediately after birth

Unsigned Pin

Georg Jensen Silver Pin and Earrings, Denmark


  • There is some debate, but seahorses are generally considered to be fish from the same family as cod and tuna
  • Seahorses are not good swimmers and remain stationary most of the time with tails holding coral or seaweed for support

Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace

Copper Seahorse Pin

Silver Enamel Pin



Silver Seahorses
Row 1 - Jewelart Pin, Beau Pin, Unsigned Pin
Row 2 - Two unsigned pins and Dragsted, Denmark Pin
Row 3 - Pendant from Mexico and 2 Pins from Mexico

Unsigned Pins

Imitation Ivory Pin

Charm Bracelet


  • Crustaceans have exoskeletons
  • Lobster, crabs and shrimp are decapods meaning they have 10 limbs

Silver and Malachite Pin

Unsigned Pin

Silver Pin

Shellfish Charm Bracelet


  • Jellyfish are 95% water
  • A species of jellyfish named phialella zappai was named after Frank Zappa

Unsigned Jellyfish Pin


  • They live comfortably both on the land and in the water
  • There is evidence suggesting pinnipeds evolved from bears (!)

Coro Pin

Pin from PM, Paris

Trifari Pin

Hobe Pin

Two Pendants Carved from Walrus Ivory

Jomaz Pin


  • Starfish are also called sea stars
  • The are echinoderms, not fish
  • There are over 2,000 known species

Silver Pin by Finn Jensen, Norway

Unsigned Cuff Bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Pins

Trifari Necklace and Earrings

JJ Pin

Kenneth Jay Lane Pin and Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Pin

Coro Pin

Florenza Pin


  • Coral is related to jellyfish; both are in the phylum Cnidaria
  • Hard corals have skeletons made of limestone
  • Corals live in colonies

Trifari Pin

Zealandia Pin

Castlecliff Pin (otter in a reef? bear in a tree?)

Kenneth Jay Lane Pendant Necklace


  • Over 50,000 animals use seashells as protection by hiding or living in them
  • Some cultures have used seashells as monetary currency

Earrings by Antigona, France

Silver Pin

Lisner Necklace

Les Bernard Pin and Earrings

Silver Pin by Finn Jensen, Norway

Lucien Piccard Pin and Earrings

Seashells Charm Bracelet

Silver Pin by Volmer Bahner, Denmark

Unsigned Bracelet

Necklace and Earrings by Kenneth Kay Lane 

Be sure to watch for my upcoming blog about fish in costume jewelry. Here's a teaser.

And, be sure to visit my shop for all your sea creatures jewelry needs!

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