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Rebus and Message Charms

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Most teenage girls start a charm bracelet but by the time they become adults the bracelets are all but forgotten. That may be changing. There is a growing appeal of charms for collectors and they are being gobbled up at antique malls and flea markets. Among the most prized are rebus and message charms. These are often European and harder to find in the U.S. but thanks to internet shopping, they can be located.

REBUS is a puzzle in which words, messages and sentiments are represented by a combination of pictures and individual letters. Thanks to some charm collector friends, I've assembled a gallery of photos of rebus charms. Hope you enjoy them.


Antique Flat Hearts Charms with Rebuses

Antique Rebus Puffy Hearts Charm Bracelet

Sterling Silver Puffy Heart Rebus Charms

Sterling Silver Puffy Hearts

Sterling Silver and Enamel Rebus Puffy Hearts Charm Bracelet


French charm or pendant of an elfin face with gemstone settings for the eyes and mouth, “Far from sight, close to heart” 

Silver Puffy Heart Charm "We Make a Good Pair"

Austrian Silver Charm "I Always Think You’re My Heart (love).”

French Slider Charm "I've Got a Secret (pregnancy)"

French 800 Silver Charm "Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder"

Two German Silver Charms with Terms of Endearment, "My Sweet Mouse"

German Silver Charm "My Dear Cat," a Phrase of Endearment

"4 Get Mi Not" or "Forget Me Not"

Meyle and Mayer "Aimez Moi Sans Cesser" spinner, "Love Me Unconditionally," Front and Reverse

German Silver Charm with Moving Dial Revealing Numbers, "What Time for Our Rendezvous?"

Silver Hearts "Key to my Heart", and "Dear Heart"

French 18k Gold Charm "My Heart Beats for You"

French Charm "You Must Marry, If the Shoe Fits" 

Lucky Star Charms

German Charm (left) "He Is Your Lucky Star"
Austrian Charm (right, made for Italian market) "You Be The Star of Guidance"

German Silver Charms "He Is Your Lucky Star"

German 800 Silver Charm "My Little Kitty"

French Slider Charm, (left), "The Roses Speak For Me Of Love"
German Slider Charm, (right), "The Daisy Speaks For Me Of Love"

French Silver Charm "I Love You Very Much"

Silver Good Luck Message Charm

French Silver Rebus Charms, "What To Do Without You"

German Silver Charm "I'll Stay Forever True"

Sterling Silver Puffy Heart Charm "Birdy Mine"

German Silver Charm, "Beware, Pay Attention to Your Heart"

French 800 Silver Charm, "Come Hear the Music of my Heart"

Silver Puffy Heart "You're The Apple Of My Eye"

German Silver Charm "This Flower Speaks Forget-Me-Not"

Victorian Silver Heart Charm, "Owl (Auld) Acquaintance"

German Silver Charms "Have Sunshine in Your Heart" and "My Heart For You"

An Antique Engraved Love Token "May Eye See You Home My Deer?" and a Victorian Calling Card with the Same Message,"May I See You Home My Dear"

German Charm "The Rose Speaks to Me of Love"

Silver Puffy Heart "Your Heart For Keeps"

German charm rebus charm, the flower is a  “Dog Violet,” which is a common Spring/Easter flower in Germany. The letters “F” and “O” seen over the dog’s eyes stand for "Fröhliche Ostern,” meaning “Happy Easter"

Rare Czech Silver Rebus Charm, "A Spider (good luck) Must Come Before Happiness


These are stumpers, at least to me. If you think you know what the rebus says, please comment. The comments link is at bottom of the post.


THANK YOU to Robin Allison, Laura Molnar, Sandy Weinstein, Sandy Turton, Amanda Gosse and Cheri Simerly for lending photos from their collections. Please visit their shops and mine! Here are all the links:

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Red Robin Antiques on Ruby Lane

Sandy's Vintage Charms

Silver Star Charms

World of Eccentricity & Charm

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  • I figured out one of the unknowns! 3/4 or three quarter time signifies a waltz. The puffy heart rebus means “Two Hearts in Waltz Time”. Also the title of a German film made in the 30s:

    if this puffy is German it probably means “Zwei Herzen im 3/4 Takt.”

    Roxane on

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