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Joan Rivers Classics Collection Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Joan Rivers, America's iconic comedian, was also a leading force in the popularity of costume jewelry through her association with QVC. She began her enterprise in 1990 during the early days of the television shopping network's existence. The timing is interesting in that her beloved husband Edgar Rosenberg had recently died and her TV show, The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers, had just been cancelled. Esquire Magazine published a quote by Rivers saying that she was $37 million in debt at the time she began her relationship with QVC.

The Joan Rivers Classics Collection offered more than 6,000 products over the course of a 24 year relationship with QVC. In addition to jewelry, Rivers offered clothing and beauty products. Since her death in 2014, daughter Melissa provides leadership for the company.

Though less than 30 years old, jewelry from Joan Rivers is popular with collectors of vintage costume jewelry. Pieces can be found on the secondary market and prices range from reasonable to very high.


Chunky Black Necklace with Imitation Jet

Long Asymmetrical Floral Necklace

Double Strand of Pearls with Insect Clasp

Multi-Strand, Multi-Stone Torsade

Classic and Versatile Bracelet

Insect Pin with Imitation Pearls

Two-Color Flower Pin and Earrings Set

Insect Pin with Changeable Colored Beads

Drop Earrings

Enamel and Rhinestone Ring

Egg Pendant on Chain

Collection of Egg Pendants




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