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Jonette Jewelry Company aka JJ Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Jonette Jewelry Company, or JJ, was a Providence, Rhode Island company in business from 1935 through 2006. The name of the company wasn't always the same. Originally, the company, started by Abraham Lisker, was called The Providence Jewelry Company. Over the years, the company's name was changed to Lisker & Lisker and after a significant slow-down in production during the years of World War II, the company revamped and resurfaced as Jonette Jewelry. 

JJ is known for it's novelty jewelry, including figurals and animal designs and its Christmas themed jewelry. In the 1980's, JJ produced two specialty lines: Artifacts, a line of novelty pins, and Santa Fe, a line of American western jewelry. 

JJ jewelry is fairly easy to find in the secondary marketplace and prices can be very reasonable. The most recent pieces can usually be purchased even if you have a very tight budget making JJ a great value and an easy start to a costume jewelry collection.























The JJ hallmark is straight forward. There are only a couple of variations. -- with or without periods, and with or without the cross bar over the letters.



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