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Fantasy & Mythology in Costume Jewelry: Part I

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Figures in fantasy and mythology are a rich source of inspiration for artists of all kinds including, of course, jewelry designers. This is part one of a two-parter showcasing jewelry in the shapes of mythological creatures including the Mermaid, Pegasus, Unicorn, and Phoenix. Stay tuned for part two featuring the Griffin, Pixie, Dragon, Hippocampus and more.


Mermaids are mythical half-human sea creature with the head and torso of a woman and the tail of a fish. A mermaid is often seen with long, flowing hair. Though not as common, mermen, half man, half fish, are also seen in art, design, and jewelry.

Pin by JJ

Pin by Kirks Folly

Copenhagen Souvenir Silver Charms with Images of Little Mermaid Statue

Left to Right: Trevone Charm, Warsaw Charm, Disney's The Little Mermaid Charm

Gold Merman Charm

Silver Mermaid Charms

Unsigned Pin

Artist Signed Pin

Merman Pendant Representing Aquarius Zodiac Sign

Silver Pin from Mexico

Contemporary Charm

Siam Silver Pin

Mermaids Charm Bracelet


Pegasus is the winged horse of Greek mythology. He is usually seen in all-white.

Swarovski Pin

Trifari Pin

Belt Buckle (this could also fall under the heading Unicorn!)


Unicorn is the legendary horse with a single spiraling horn.

Pin by Sphinx

Opal Pendant


Phoenix is a bird that is cyclically reborn. It is often seen surrounded by fire.

Jomaz Pin

Pendant Necklace

Be sure to visit World of Eccentricity & Charm to see what figural pieces are available. Just click here. And watch for Part II of this series which will post very soon.

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