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'Round and 'Round We Go: Circle Pins in Costume Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

A circle is a simple, familiar geometric shape. Symbolically circles represent endless love, eternity, infinite energy, and even the Divine. 

Circle pins were especially popular in the 1950s and 60s. Usually worn on a cardigan sweater, there were a number of meanings attached to them. Wearing one might mean you've been "pinned" or "going steady." Add a pearl to it and the meaning becomes "true love." A circle pin with a bow symbolized "we're tying the knot." 

The circle a classic design motif in jewelry with thousands of examples. I don't have thousands, but as you scroll through, you'll see quite a few examples.


Hemming, Canada

Silver and Enamel Pin, Aksel Holmsen (left) and F.A. Hermann (right)

Park Lane Pin

David Andersen

Unsigned Pin

Unsigned Silver and Enamel Pin

Aksel Holmsen Silver and Enamel Pin

Silver Pin

Trifari Enamel Pin


Unsigned Pin

Karu Pin

Reja Set

Unsigned Pin

Unsigned Pin

Pin from Austria

Unsigned Pin


Acorn and Leaf Circle Pin

Miriam Haskell Pin

Enamel Pin

Mother-of-Pearl Pin

Opaque Glass with Rhinestone Accents Pin

Jeanne Circle Pin

Jomaz Circle Pin

Sarah Coventry Pin

Pin Marked Canada

Compass Point Designed Circle Pin


Five Circle Pins by Krementz

Beau Sterling Silver Cat Circle Pin

Unsigned Pin

Beau Sterling Silver Pins

Floral Circle Pins

Circle Pin with Rhinestone Bird

Georg Jensen Silver Pin

Unsigned Pin

Paye & Baker Silver and Enamel Pin

Coro Pin

White Gold and Pearls Pin

Pennino Pin

Trifari Pin

Trifari Pin

Unsigned Pin

Unsigned Pin

Unsigned Circle Pins with Bows


Overlapping Circle Pin with Milk White and Aurora Borealis Stones

Pin by Wells

Unsigned Patriotic Pin

Circle Pin and Earrings Set

N.E. From Silver and Rose Quartz Circle Pin

Malachite and Silver Double Circle Pin

Garnets Pin

Unsigned Pin with Subtle Texture


Four Silver and Enamel Pins by Volmer Bahner

Banded Agate and Gold Pin with Cross at the Center

Dior Knotted Double Circle Pin

Scandinavian Silver Ouroboros Pin


Lenore Doskow Silver Pin

Elvik Enamel and Silver Pin

Margot de Taxco Silver Pin

Silver Pin from Sweden

Kirks Folly "Dancing in a Circle" Pin

Hope you enjoyed the photos. To see what's available at World of Eccentricity & Charm, just click here.

Oh, and for an added treat, enjoy Telephone Hour from Bye Bye Birdie in this youtube video:

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