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Buddha in Costume Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

I was doing  some reading about Buddha and discovered I knew very little. So, a blog post with jewelry photos and facts is in order.

    Born into wealth and named Siddartha Guatama, he left his station in pursuit of the path to truth after witnessing the extreme poverty and disease of the common man. 

    Unsigned Pin

    Buddha lived in Nepal, 4-6 centuries B.C.

    Rose Quartz and Jade Necklace

    Buddha is often depicted as a fat, happy character probably because chubbiness was seen as synonymous with happiness. In fact, he practiced everything in moderation and fasted regularly.

    Silver and Jade Bracelet

    The Buddha is often seen sitting. This is representative of his quest to find enlightenment. He sat under a bodhi tree vowing to meditate until he transcended suffering.


    Buddha imparted three basic ideas to his followers:

    1. Do Not Be Ignorant
    2. Do Not Hate
    3. Do Not Be Angry

    Gold and Jade Pin

    Buddha is not considered a God, but rather, a teacher.

    Bracelet Detail

    The Buddha's first sermon after his Enlightenment centered on the Four Noble Truths, which are the foundation of Buddhism. 

    1. The truth of suffering (dukkha)
    2. The truth of the cause of suffering (samudaya)
    3. The truth of the end of suffering (nirhodha)
    4. The truth of the path that frees us from suffering (magga)

      Jade Necklace Detail

      Buddha translates to "one who is awake."


      The term ‘Buddhism’ was coined by Western scholars in the 1830s.

      Napier Asian Influenced Charm Bracelet

      Buddhism, the religion, is spread through non-violent means, unlike most other religions throughout history.

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