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Selro and Selini Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Selro was a jewelry company founded by Paul Selenger. The name Selro was a combination of the first syllable of his last name and the first two letters or his mother Rose's name. Some years later, he started a second line called Selini. They are two different lines and all those listings on eBay labeling jewelry Selro-Selini are wrong. It's either Selro or Selini, but not both. There are some very similar pieces in both lines so it can be confusing. To add to the confusion, many pieces by both Selro and Selini were hallmarked only with a paper hang tag.

Selro Corp. made jewelry for a number of companies including Carnegie, HAR, Capri and Pomerantz which is where Selenger was employed before going out on his own.

The majority of bracelets made by Selro have 5 sections with decorative connectors. They are almost always 7 1/2" long. There are rare examples of 8" and 6 3/4" but Selro did not make 7" bracelets. These two characteristics are good clues when trying to determine if your unmarked bracelet is by Selro.

The Selro Bolo is one of the most distinctive, uniquely Selro designs.


Selro earrings are almost always clips. There are rare examples of screw-backs. There are no designs for pierced ears.


Faces and figural pieces were the hallmark of Selro. The designs include Thai Girls, Asian Faces, Noh Masks, Bearded Men and African Faces. Variation are commonly seen with different hats and headware. Selro did not design Buddhas or genies, so many pieces with genies or Buddhas identified ed as Selro or Selini are identified incorrectly.

Selro did produce lines for several companies including HAR and there is some evidence that HAR's genie line was made by Selro, but Selro never produced genies using it's own name.

This amazing set is unmarked and probably not Selro. But it's fabulous whoever designed it!


Some pieces don't "read" Selro or Selini. Here are two examples. If they weren't hallmarked, I probably wouldn't have been able to attribute them.

Selro Set

Maltese Cross by Selini




Priti Chaudhari, Marilyn Cohen, Kathryn Ottilini and Ruben Cota for lending some of the photos I used

The Many Faces of Selro, Kathie Davis, on ImageEvent6

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