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Religious Jewelry: Christianity

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

The subject of Christian jewelry may be too broad a topic to tackle, but I'm going to give it a go. The focus and examples I'll present are from my inventory (past and present) so in that way, I'll be able to limit my remarks. And, since this is primarily a photo blog, I'll divide my presentation into categories: Cross, Crucifix, Rosary, Saints, Faith Hope, and Charity and Other.

Religious jewelry is plentiful and fairly easy to locate on the secondary market. Whether you acquire pieces for spiritual reasons or aesthetic reasons, you should have no trouble finding crosses and other items in a variety of materials, sizes and designs.


This first cross is a study in simplistic beauty. It is sterling silver and was designed by  master Mexican silversmith Hector Aguilar. Aguilar jewelry is sought after by  collectors. His hallmark is posted here for reference.

This cross pin dates to around 1900. It is banded agate and mounted in gold.

A lovely sterling silver and turquoise cross by BEMS.

Antique cross and chain in gold filled metal with amethysts.

This newer cross pendant by R.J. Graziano is reversible.


This antique locket has a paste cross on the front and is engraved with the owner's initials on the reverse.


This is a silver and enamel cross designed by Aksel Holmsen of Norway.

This antique cross is set with iris or rainbow crystals.

A pair of hand-hammered, sterling silver and turquoise cross earrings by Joan Slifka.

A silver tone metal cross by Trifari.



Sterling silver crucifix by Chapel.

Sterling silver modernist crucifix

Silver crucifix from Italy.


Italian Rosary.


Rosary by Chapel with millefiori beads.


Rosary by Busterman.

Italian Rosary. The "Our Father" beads are 3-sided with a plaque for each of the Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious and Luminous Mysteries. You turn the bead to the correct plaque for each mystery. The "Ave Maria" bead has the traditional cross, heart and anchor.




Not technically jewelry, this is a "pocket saint" from Germany.

St. Patrick, sterling silver pendant.

Ste. Therese, sterling silver charm.

Ste. Barbara, 14k gold pendant.

St. Raphael, sterling silver and enamel charm.



Gold filled pin dating to circa 1890 with moonstone.

Crudely carved bone pin.

Tiny charms in tiger's eye, carnelian and alabaster.

Silver Stanhope charm. A Stanhope is a viewer. When held up to your eye, you'll see the Lord's Prayer inside.

Antique pin.

Antique pin with Bohemian Garnets.

Two sterling silver puffy heart charms.



Mixed metals Madonna pendant by Los Castillo, Taxco, Mexico.

International mass finder.


Anson orb and cross pin.

Russian Orthodox triptych pendant in silver and enamel.

Two silver charms depicting Madonna and the Christ Child.


And lastly, two sterling silver charms with images of Durer's Praying Hands on the front and the Serenity Prayer on the reverse.



The blog post cover photo is a Malachite cross with gold-filled tips dating to around 1900.








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