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Costume Jewelry is the Cat's Meow

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Last week I shared a slew of dog jewelry photos. Today is devoted to kitty cats. Like dogs, cats are a popular motif in both fine and costume jewelry. And like last week's dog blog, there are quite a few photos to see, so let's get to it!

Cat Themed Charm Bracelets

Gold Pin with Rubies

Silver and Enamel Pin and Earrings by Margot de Taxco

Avon Pin

18k Gold Locket

Sterling Silver Pin by Beau

Gold Pin by Charles Horner

Pin by Carolee

800 Silver German Charm

Silver Cat Charm

Gold Locket with Diamond

Charm and 2 Pins, Sterling Silver, by Beau

Unsigned Pin

Articulated Unsigned Necklace

Antique Silver Slide Locket


Unsigned Pin

Silver Charms

Gold Pin with Pearl and Emerald

Unsigned Pin

Silver and Enamel Slider Charm

Unsigned Pin

Ivory Men's Set, Japan

Pins from Lea Stein, Paris

Silver Pin with Fish Shaped Eyes

Gold Pin with Enamel, Emeralds and Diamond

Kitty Kat Clock Pin with Googly Eyes and Moving Tail

Silver Charm by William Haseler

Weiss Pin

Silver Pin, 1882 Birmingham

Unsigned Pin

Meyle and Mayer Pendant

Mixed Metal Pendant, Mexico

Silver and Enamel Charms

Cheshire Cat Pin

Pin and Bracelet by Perli

Silver Chatelaine Box by Howard

Copper Pin

Silver Cuff Links and Cuff Buttons by Howard

Felix the Cat Charm by Charles Horner

Silver Pin by Del Fino, Mexico and Pin by Emmons

Silver and Enamel Pin

Victorian Silver Pin

Pin by DeNicola

Georg Jensen USA Pin (left) and Hector Aguilar Mexico Pin (right)

Ceramic Pin by ExClayMations

Lapel Pin

Silver Pins

Pin by Givenchy

800 Silver Locket, France

Pin by Gold Crown

Silver and Enamel Antique Compacts

Victorian Silver Pins

Mamselle Pin

Scrimshaw Rings by Cathy Guss

JJ Pin

Carved Ivory and Cord Necklace

Silver Pin, Mexico

Silver Brooch and Cuff Links

Monet Pin

Antique Silver Neccessaire

Panetta Pin

Enamel Bib Clips

Pin from Rune Tennesmed, Sweden

Trifari Pin

Silver Pendant of Fob by Wilhelm Becker

Silver Pin by J Klenhart

Weiss Pin

Chatelaine by Howard

Silver Bib Clips

If you missed last's week blogs on dogs, you can see it here

To see what cat jewelry is available for sale click here

Thank You Robin Allison for lending some of the photos for this post

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