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Arrows in Costume Jewelry

Posted by Laurie Zeiden on

Curly Howard, one of the Three Stooges, said: "I shoot an arrow into the air; where it lands I do not care. I get my arrows wholesale."

Curly is my inspiration for this blog post about arrows in costume jewelry.


Silver Pin by Georg Jensen

Scottish Pin in Silver with Agate and Citrine

Antique Pin with Bohemian Garnets

Vintage Pin

Vintage Pin

Arrows in a Quiver (or is it a bouquet of flowers?)

Silver Navajo Pin (this design predates Nazi Germany)

Eisenberg Silver Set from 1940s

Archery Charm

Unsigned Pin

Silver Pin by Lenore Doskow

Silver and Enamel Puffy Heart Charms

Stylized Arrow Pin

Unsigned Pin

Monet Pin

Puffy Heart Charm

Kenneth Jay Lane Pin

Pin by Pomerantz

Silver Pin from Finland

Puffy Hearts, the one on the right, by Walter Lampl

Jabot Arrow Pin

Silver Charm



Collection of Arrowhead Charms

Trifari Necklace and Earrings with Arrowhead Design

Silver Arrowhead Pendant

THANK YOU Amanda Gosse and Robin Allison for providing some of the photos in this post.

To see what's available for sale, visit my shop by clicking here.


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